Jacqui Gossard, E.I.

Design Engineer

Jacqui joined the RFE team in 2020 and is a graduate of Cornell University, receiving degrees in Environmental Engineering (Master of Engineering) and Biological Engineering (Bachelor of Science).  Jacqui’s passions are in stormwater, groundwater, and wastewater management as well as land management.  For homes in the Roaring Fork Valley, Jacqui has performed grading and drainage, fire truck turnarounds, and road assemblies related to ditch designs. Her experience also includes the development of a stormwater infrastructure evaluation model using ArcGIS and TR-55 to calculate culvert capacity.  In addition, she has extracted and analyzed soil samples (soil borings) as well as created surface water and soil sampling plans with remediation strategies for agricultural sites.  Jacqui is trained in invasive species removal, forest and garden management practices, identification and removal of diseased trees, and prepared sustainability report and designs (including solar, HVAC, and location needs) for self-sustaining “tiny homes”.

  • Masters of Engineering in Environmental Engineering, Cornell University (2020)
  • Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering, Cornell University (2019)
  • Engineer Intern