Leslie Fischbeck

Chief Operations Officer

With over 15 years’ experience with national and international energy and development projects and over a decade in operations management, Leslie joined the RFE team in 2017 as the Chief Operations Officer. She leads the operations and organizational aspects of RFE, ensuring proper resource allocation for the successful and timely completion of RFE’s engineering projects in water resources, environmental, development, and construction management & inspection. Under her leadership, she coordinates with the company principals to establish systems and processes, identify efficiencies, ensure quality control, and develop strategic plans to support the growth of RFE as one of the premier and most experienced civil engineering firms in the Valley. In addition, Leslie’s financial management of RFE’s operations ensures accurate and timely invoicing as well as the preparation of monthly reports and oversight of project budgeting.

Leslie oversees the RFE office in Carbondale, including a full suite of P.E.s and E.I.T.s. to ensure that clients’ projects are properly staffed. With prior operations and project management experience in her previous consulting job for an international environmental consulting firm, Leslie completed dozens of projects on time and within budget, managing staff to assemble the best teams and resources available to meet project-specific needs; coordinating directly with clients, their attorneys, and local, state, and federal agencies, including designated lead and cooperating agencies. She develops project schedules; tracks permitting efforts; and ensures QA/QC reviews for various documents. Her contract management experience, ranging from small to large complex projects, allows her to work directly with the RFE project managers and staff to ensure that budgets, schedules, reporting, and any other contractual obligations are adhered to. As needed to successfully complete task assignments, Leslie secures specialty or local subcontractors through a competitive bid process and manages/oversees their work to ensure timely and cost-effective performance. By providing hands-on subcontractor management and efficient team coordination, she ensures that each client receives the “best value” project team with minimal scheduling and task concerns.

Leslie has over 15 years’ of project management experience providing consulting support for domestic and international projects, including utility and energy projects (pipelines, electric transmission, and solar), stormwater and wastewater projects, hazardous waste assessments, and remedial investigations. Her experience encompasses federal and state certification, permitting, natural resource evaluation, field surveys, contamination assessments, environmental compliance monitoring during construction, agency coordination and consultation, and public/stakeholder involvement.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies in Geology, Washington & Lee University (2002)