Applegate Group

Applegate Group is located in Denver, Colorado and Glenwood Springs, Colorado and offers civil, construction, and management engineers and consultants.  

About Applegate Group

Applegate Group Inc. is a Colorado-based civil engineering firm with expertise in land development, site improvement services, project design and construction management. Founded in 2001, Applegate Group Inc. has quickly become one of the premier civil engineering firms in the state, providing quality services for both public and private sector clients alike.

Their team consists of highly qualified professionals who specialize in various aspects of civil engineering, including geotechnical engineering, land use planning and design, hydrology, water/wastewater systems design and GIS mapping. Their experienced staff is committed to working together to provide innovative solutions that meet their client’s unique needs.

The Applegate Group Inc. team is dedicated to providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for all types of projects regardless of size or complexity. They strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new technology and industry advancements in order to maximize their client’s return on investment without sacrificing quality or safety.

Some notable projects that Applegate Group Inc has completed include drainage improvements for Denver International Airport, freeway widening for I-25 through Fort Collins, bridge design for State Highway 14 in Grand Junction, as well as various other municipal infrastructure improvements throughout Colorado.

Applegate Group Inc also offers an array of additional services such as environmental assessment/studies; permitting; surveying; erosion control; utility coordination; stormwater management; infrastructure inspections; construction management/administration and more. As part of their commitment to client satisfaction they offer free estimates on projects along with on-site consultation throughout the process if desired by the client.

In addition to offering outstanding civil engineering services Applegate Group Inc also places great emphasis on sustainable practices and green initiatives such as LEED certified building designs utilizing energy efficient materials & processes while adhering to current regulations & standards set forth by governing bodies like EPA & OSHA. This ensures that all projects are completed safely & efficiently while leaving a minimal impact on our environment.

Applegate Group Inc’s commitment to excellence has earned them numerous awards & accolades including recognition from American Society Of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Associated General Contractors (AGC). With over two decades worth of experience under their belts Applegate Group Inc continues to lead the way when it comes to delivering top tier civil engineering solutions throughout Colorado & beyond!

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