Exceptional civil engineering for
Colorado’s mountain communities.

We have been passionately perfecting our craft throughout Colorado’s mountain communities for 10 years. The challenge was set when we were founded: build the foundation for our community to grow, and do it with transparency, integrity and excellence. We rose to the occasion, exploring new concepts and pushing boundaries to bring projects to life in our unique landscape. The result, a company that is known for its quality, responsiveness and timeliness regardless of who is being served.

Arial view of the Tree Farm
Basalt Affordable Housing by Roaring Fork Engineering
Oklahoma Flatts Trail
Aspen City Hall
Aspen affordable housing
8th Street in Carbondale
Sky Mesa Ranch
One Aspen neighborhood


Civil Infrastructure Design

We can aid your team by planning key elements like roads, utilities, and drainage systems for efficient, sustainable land development. Want to check out our work? See how we designed Sky Mesa Ranch, CO.

Our expert team can assist in navigating regulatory processes and compliance with zoning regulations, environmental standards, and other legal requirements. See how we did this at Spring Valley PUD in Garfield County.

We partner with you to oversee adherence to design specifications, quality standards, budget and schedule constraints. We’re here to ensure successful project completion with you! Check out our previous work with One Aspen subdivision in Aspen, CO.

Aspen Valley Polo Fields
Basalt Sanitation District


Utility Providers

Design key infrastructure such as pipelines, power lines, and telecommunications networks with an emphasis on reliable, efficient delivery of essential services with our team! Curious about our previous projects? See how we worked with Main Street Utility.

Our elite water engineers design water supply and sewage systems to ensure safe, efficient delivery of clean water and the proper treatment of wastewater with a focus on public health and environmental protection. See how we improved the Town of Carbondale’s clarifier at their wastewater treatment facility.

We create optimal designs for roads, bridges, and transportation networks to facilitate traffic flow and infrastructure resilience. See how we redesigned Lazy Chair Road in Aspen, CO, to improve drainage and create new access.

We work with public works departments by designing infrastructure projects such as roads, utilities, and facilities to enhance community services and promote public safety. See how we helped Red Hill Recreational Area minimize user conflicts.

We work with schools to create safe, functional environments conducive to learning, while also optimizing the site for operations and accessibility. See how we upgraded pedestrian and vehicle access with the Aspen School District.



We work with hotels, resorts, and recreational facilities to design site planning, utilities, and amenities that enhance guest experience and operational efficiency. See how we assisted the Inn at Aspen in Aspen, CO.

We work with ski resorts to design ski trails, snowmaking systems, and resort facilities that guarantee safe and enjoyable experiences for visitors while also addressing environmental considerations. See how we worked with the Aspen Skiing Company to add a new ski lift.

We support mixed-use developments by designing and coordinating infrastructure systems like utilities, roads, and parking facilities to accommodate diverse functionality within a single space. See how we worked with The Tree Farm to design everything from utilities to sidewalks and trails.

With retail, we design for efficient traffic flow, accessibility, and customer convenience through infrastructure such as parking lots, access roads, and utilities. See how we worked with the City Market in Carbondale to ensure safe water and sewage installation.

Skier services building at Buttermilk
Deadwood Ranch


Large Ranches

We’re geared to assist ranch clients no matter where they need help, whether it’s with roads, water supply systems, land management strategies, environmental stewardship or beyond. See our work at Deadwood Ranch today.

We’re also equipped to assist private homeowners with site planning, grading, drainage, and structural design. See how we updated the water system at a private ranch in Basalt, CO.

We ensure sustainable community development through infrastructure that enhances resident amenities and quality of life. See our work in our project assisting the Rubey subdivision.