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Welcome to the Engineering News section of Roaring Fork Engineering! Here, we bring you the latest and most compelling news from the world of civil engineering. From innovative design concepts to updates on our ongoing projects, this is your go-to resource for everything civil engineering.

We also provide insights into Colorado living conditions, rental properties, and other local information. Explore our curated guides on different types of surveys like boundary surveys, topographic surveys, and construction surveying. Stay tuned as we continue to highlight the remarkable work of engineers from history, the best civil engineering firms to work for, and much more. Dive in and keep yourself informed about the dynamic world of civil engineering!

In this articles we cover what type of land survey will work best for your needs and specialized types with unique use cases in Colorado.

The act of measuring two- and three-dimensional aspects of land has been recorded in human history since ancient Egypt, and the necessity for capable land …

Glenwood Springs Surveyors

The complete list of Glenwood Springs Surveyors, including who is still open, who is accepting new business, and which companies are local.

Eyeing Glenwood Springs for the next chapter in your journey? We've compiled a list of local civil engineering firms who are hiring.

Looking for a place to live in Glenwood Springs? We have curated a list of apartments available for rent in the area, complete with important details such as pet-friendliness, furnished options, and price ranges.

Considering moving to Glenwood Springs, CO? We've got the local scoop on cost of living, weather, housing, schools, things to do and more.

Securing a trustworthy civil engineering firm in Glenwood Springs, Colorado can pose a challenge. It’s crucial that these firms possess a deep understanding of the …

Engineering is a field that has shaped the world as we know it. From bridges to computers, engineers have been at the forefront of technological …

Guide to Boundary Surveys

We've got the guide to boundary surveys including what they are, what they cost, how long they take, what they include and who pays for them.

We've got all the details on topographic surveying, including what it is, how much it costs, when you need it and who can do it for you.

We've got the complete guide to construction surveying, including what it is, survey equipment, reading stakes and companies who can help.

What is Land Surveying?

Land surveying is a specialized profession that involves the measurement and mapping of the earth's surface.

Roaring Fork Engineering is thrilled to share the news of Anthony Alfini P.E.'s promotion to principal and the addition of Maggie McHugh, P.E.

We put together a list of the best civil engineering firms to work for based on a variety of factors including pay, opportunity and location.

Roaring Fork Engineering is thrilled to share the news of Anthony Alfini P.E.'s promotion to principal and the addition of Maggie McHugh, P.E.

Looking for your next opportunity or considering a move? Here are the best cities for civil engineers to live, work and play.

10 Cool Civil Engineering Jobs

Exploring your career options as a civil engineer? These 10 cool civil engineer jobs are packed with adventure, travel and excitement.