Red Hill Recreation Area

Carbondale, CO

Red Hill Recreation Area

  • Need to address increased usage of the Red Hill Recreational Area.
  • Partnership between the Aspen Valley Land Trust, Garfield County and The Town of Carbondale
  • Created solutions incorporating needs of recreation users, commuters, and residents.

The Town of Carbondale conducted a feasibility study to address the increase in usage of the Red Hill Recreational Area. The recreation area is accessed by County Road (CR) 107 that also serves a subdivision further up the road. Increased recreational usage has developed conflicts with residential traffic and the trail users. In addition, the parking lot originally intended for the users of Red Hill has become a commuter parking area where vehicles are parked for long periods of time, limiting space for the short-term recreational users.

This project is a partnership between the Aspen Valley Land Trust, Garfield County and The Town of Carbondale. One of the main goals was to minimize conflicts between recreation users, commuters and residents. RFE worked with the Town of Carbondale to determine if a road realignment combined with a new parking lot and trail connection were feasible from a civil engineering perspective. Per the results of the study, RFE was directed to proceed with a full design.

Portions of realigned CR 107 and the proposed parking lot are within the State Highway 82 right-of-way, requiring plans and specifications to meet CDOT Standards. As with any project where residents are being impacted, RFE carefully considered the phasing in order to maintain access. RFE designed the road alignment to be able to shift traffic from one side to side to minimize disruption. Plans and specifications where been submitted approved by CDOT and construction was completed in 2020.

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