8th Street

Carbondale, CO


6,181 ft


2 phases


8,700 ft

8th Street in Carbondale
Improving the pedestrian and biker experience while maintaining parking and traffic on a high usage street.

The project includes a number of intersection realignments and an additional pedestrian crossing at Village Road. A raised colored crosswalk was designed at the intersection of the Rio Grande Trail. Drainage during large rain events has been a persistent issue within the street ROW. RFE designed the drainage system to have underground capacity for the 10-year event and use the street for storage in a 100-year storm. Utility relocations were also part of the design.

The design was sensitive to trees and minimized encroachments into their root zones while achieving the goals of the corridor project. The project team was cognizant of homeowners living in the area and designed a phasing plan switching construction from one side to the other to reduced impacts to residents. The design also considered the crossing of the Rio Grande Trail with RFTA’s right-of-way.

8th Street in Carbondale
Project details
  • Multiple intersection realignments
  • Additional pedestrian crossing
  • Design of a raised colored crosswalk
  • Drainage system design
  • Utility relocations
8th Street in Carbondale
8th Street in Carbondale