Roaring Fork Road Waterline

Aspen, CO


7,908 ft


2,200 feet

Roaring Fork Road in Aspen by Roaring Fork Engineering
Maintaining water service and access during the replacement of a cast iron line in a narrow utility corridor.

Roaring Fork Engineering partnered with the City of Aspen Water Department to design a replacement line for the 6-inch cast iron line that looped in Roaring Fork Road. The section being replaced totaled 2,200 linear feet through a narrow utility corridor, as a result of mature trees and the private encroachments. The corridor contains all major wet and dry utilities and a force main owned by the Aspen Consolidated Sanitation District.

Roaring Fork Road in Aspen
Project details
  • Design of a phasing, filling/testing and construction management plan
  • Road reconstruction specifications, item numbers, and bid tabulations were written in CDOT format
Roaring Fork Road in Aspen
Roaring Fork Road street sign
Roaring Fork Road Waterline
Roaring Fork Road Waterline