Pitkin County, CO


7,908 ft


36 acres

Sky Mesa Ranch
Civil site design for a 36-acre property in Pitkin County, CO.

The site required extensive civil design, which included water, sewer, drainage, and dry utility infrastructure for the residential addition. Site grading and stormwater management was required to drain storm runoff away from the residence. The landscape plan for the area surrounding the residence consisted of the addition of landscaping ponds, wetlands, and an existing irrigation ditch. Project goals included the design of an aesthetically pleasing, yet geomorphically stable, irrigation ditch that incorporates in-channel rock structures and large woody debris to fix the historical degradation issues of the channel. The ditch would convey the property’s water right throughout a series of wetlands and three landscaping ponds. 

RFE created a grading and drainage plan for the entire property, managed utility infrastructure, and completed the design for the irrigation ditch, the landscaping ponds, and wetlands. 

Sky Mesa Ranch
Project details
  • Design of stream courses, ponds, and irrigation systems
  • Design of by-passes and pond level control to comply with the water rights
  • Site and utility design to serve multiple structures
  • Large septic system design with advanced TL3 treatment
  • Wet well design for pumps
  • Land use application and permitting
Sky Mesa Ranch
Sky Mesa Ranch