West End Outfall

Aspen, CO


7,908 ft


47 acres

West end outfall
Designing drainage system across a private lot in order to convey flow from the 47-acre West End drainage basin to Hallam Lake

Due to the West End’s topography the property was experiencing significant impacts from uncontrolled storm flows entering it. An extensive analysis of the entire West End basin using GIS data and the City of Aspen’s Drainage Master Plan was documented in a drainage report. The solution required a 24-inch reinforced concrete pipe and outfall structure to dissipate energy and mitigate erosion. The system collects runoff from the entire basin and conveys into Hallam Lake through an environmentally sensitive area.

RFE and the project team collaborated with the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, City of Aspen Engineering Department, the City of Aspen Parks Department, the Hendrikus Group and Ownership to create an outstanding solution which worked for all stakeholders.

West end outfall
Project details
  • Design of drainage system and easement
  • Drainage report
  • Pipe and outfall to dissipate energy and mitigate erosion
West end outfall
West end outfall