West Meadows Lot 15

Telluride, CO


8,750 ft


36 acres

West Meadows Lot 15
Civil site design for a 36-acre property in Telluride, CO.

This project required extensive civil design including a ditch diversion, a pump, and pond design to allow irrigation of the property. The ditch diversion structure included two flumes to divert the ditch water into two separate wet-wells, each containing filtration systems and pumps to serve two separate properties. A vault was installed to divert ditch water as preferred by the operator. Additional features included: a recirculating pump to cycle water between the vault and the pond, an overflow pipe and emergency spillway, and a grading and drainage plan for the entire property.

West Meadows Lot 15
Project details
  • Grading and drainage plan
  • Management of utility infrastructure
  • Irrigation ditch and pond design
  • Hydraulic analysis and channel design
  • Flow control structure design
  • Grading plan to drain surface runoff to the pond
West Meadows Lot 15
West Meadows Lot 15