Bernie McHugh

Bernie McHugh

Chief Barketing Officer

Meet Bernie McHugh, the Chief Barketing Officer of Roaring Fork Engineering. With a wag of her tail and a bark of approval, Bernie is always ready to lend a paw to the team.

Although she may be a dog, don’t let that fool you – Bernie is an expert when it comes to civil engineering. She started at Roaring Fork Engineering as a pup and has since worked her way up the ranks to become an integral part of the team. Her keen senses and sharp mind make her an invaluable asset when it comes to sniffing out new projects and barking up the right trees to get the job done.

Not only is Bernie passionate about civil engineering, but she’s also a lover of all things outdoors. You can often find her hiking through the mountains or splashing around in nearby streams. She believes that the beauty of nature is something worth preserving, which is why she puts her heart into every project she works on.

When she’s not busy overseeing marketing campaigns or attending meetings, Bernie enjoys a good belly rub and playing fetch with her coworkers. While some may think it’s ruff being a dog in the civil engineering industry, Bernie knows how to keep her tail wagging and make the most out of every day.