Sarah Koerner


Controller & Office Manager

Based in the arid landscape of Washington state’s “Tri-Cities,” I share my life with my loving husband and an ever-changing menagerie of animals. Our home is a haven for all creatures great and small, courtesy of our partnership with a local shelter. At any given time, we could be housing rabbits, rats, geckos, chinchillas, and ferrets, all awaiting their forever homes. Adding to this diverse mix, we have our own permanent residents, a loyal German shepherd and a quirky cat.

I am a self-proclaimed runner, though not in the traditional sense. While I may not compete in marathons or clock impressive distances, running has become a steadfast part of my routine. Beyond this, my passions extend to a love for wine, an insatiable appetite for books, a penchant for spine-chilling movies, and a fondness for immersive video games.

Professionally, I’ve found my niche in administrative roles, where I take immense satisfaction in streamlining processes and making people’s jobs easier. My enthusiasm for a well-organized spreadsheet is unrivaled, a quirk that I wear as a badge of honor. As I continue on my journey, I look forward to the opportunities and adventures that lie ahead.