Brian Puppe Structural Engineering

Brian Puppe Structural Engineering is located in Avon and Woodland Park, Colorado and offers civil, mechanical, professional and structural engineering.

About Brian Puppe Structural Engineering

BHInc. is a leading provider of civil engineering services specializing in the design and construction of land development, roads, bridges, site improvements, and other related infrastructure projects. Founded in 2004 by industry veterans with over two decades of experience in the field, BHInc. has established itself as an authority in the space by providing top-notch service to clients across the United States.

The team at BHInc. combines technical expertise with advanced software and best practices to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions for its clients’ needs. Through their innovative strategies, they ensure each project is delivered on time and within budget while maintaining quality standards and minimizing environmental impact.

BHInc.’s services span a variety of disciplines including land development engineering, land surveying, road and bridge design, geotechnical engineering, stormwater management planning and implementation, environmental permitting compliance consulting services, 3D modeling services for both architecture projects and infrastructure projects such as roads or bridges, pavement design and analysis using AutoCAD Civil 3D environment as well as GIS mapping for engineering projects.

In addition to their professional civil engineering services, BHInc. also provides various educational seminars led by experienced professionals from all areas of civil engineering practice. These seminars provide attendees with an opportunity to learn from experts who have years of experience in the field while also networking with potential employers who may be looking for qualified candidates with specialized skillsets.

For more than 17 years now since its inception, BHInc has been delivering reliable outcomes with high levels of customer satisfaction across all its civil engineering services making them a preferred choice among many customers nationwide. As evidenced by their long list of completed projects as well as successful partnerships with leading organizations across multiple industries, it is clear that BHInc is well equipped to handle any task related to civil engineering that they may set out tackle in the future.

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