Ground Engineering Consultants

Ground Engineering Consultants has several locations throughout Colorado including North Denver, Grand County, Loveland, Eagle and Colorado Springs. They offer geotechnical engineering services, environmental engineering services, construction materials testing and special inspections, specialty services, and laboratory services.

About Ground Engineering Consultants

Ground Engineering is a civil engineering company that provides a range of services to clients across the United States. Their team of experienced engineers and geologists work closely with clients to develop solutions that meet their unique needs.

One of the key areas of expertise for Ground Engineering is geotechnical engineering. This involves the study of soil, rock, and other materials that make up the earth’s surface, as well as their interaction with structures and infrastructure. This allows them to provide insights into complex subsurface conditions and develop solutions that ensure the safety and stability of construction projects.

Another area of focus for the company is environmental engineering. This involves identifying and mitigating potential environmental risks associated with construction projects. Ground Engineering offers comprehensive environmental consulting services including site assessments, soil and groundwater testing, and remediation design.

In addition to these core services, Ground Engineering offers a range of support services including construction materials testing, pavement design, and forensic engineering. Their team works closely with clients to provide customized solutions that meet their unique needs.

Overall, Ground Engineering is a trusted partner for clients seeking expert civil engineering services. With their focus on quality, safety, and innovation, they are well-positioned to deliver exceptional results on projects of all sizes and scopes.

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