Top 8 Civil Engineers in Glenwood Springs

Securing a trustworthy civil engineering firm in Glenwood Springs, Colorado can pose a challenge. It’s crucial that these firms possess a deep understanding of the unique mountainous terrain of the area. 

When you’re considering various civil engineering firms, make sure to verify whether they’re genuinely ingrained in the local community or merely operate as a ‘satellite’ office of a larger entity. It’s not uncommon for national companies with satellite offices to charge additional fees to cover the travel expenses of their Denver-based staff for site visits and meetings. 

In this piece, we will explore the landscape of civil engineering firms currently operating in Glenwood Springs.

In this article we will cover:

  1. Roaring Fork Engineering
  2. Oddo Engineering
  3. Slopeside Engineers
  4. Zancanella and Associates, Inc.
  5. JVA Consulting Engineers
  6. SGM Inc.
  7. Glenwood Structural and Civil, Inc.
  8. Applegate Group Inc.

#1 – Roaring Fork Engineering

  • Website: 
  • Headquarters: Carbondale, CO
  • Services: Civil and environmental engineering, water resources, construction administration and surveying 
Buttermilk Skier Services building by Roaring Fork Engineering
The Guest Services building at Buttermilk which Roaring Fork Engineering did the civil and environmental engineering for.

Founded in 2012 by Richard Goulding, PE, Roaring Fork Engineering is based in Carbondale, CO. The firm aims to provide superior civil engineering services to a wide array of clients, including private developers, municipalities, districts, and individual landowners.

The services they offer include civil and environmental engineering, water resources management, construction administration, and surveying. Their expertise spans planning, design, land surveying, construction staking, and construction in various sectors such as land development, drainage, transportation, water distribution, wastewater collection & treatment, utility, and construction management.

Roaring Fork Engineering takes pride in serving Colorado’s western slope and mountain communities with a client-centric, holistic approach. Their work is visible across several locations including Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, and more.

Their impressive portfolio includes notable projects like the Buttermilk Ski Resort, Rubey Subdivision, Red Hill Recreation Area, Aspen City Offices & Rio Grande Place, Aspen Valley Polo Fields, among others.

#2 – Oddo Engineering

  • Website: 
  • Headquarters: Glenwood Springs, CO
  • Services: Structural engineering

Oddo Engineering, Inc. boasts a rich 21-year history marked by exceptional structural engineering and comprehensive project management. The company’s qualified team brings a diverse skill set to the table, excelling in structural design services across various sectors. These include custom residential and commercial buildings, bridges, and industrial engineering for both public and private clients. Notable projects under their belt include the Ajax Mountain Chalet in Aspen, a multi-level structure featuring tall concrete walls and structural steel, executed in collaboration with Poss Architecture and Planning. They also designed the Roaring Fork Club Bridge in Basalt, a 118-foot single span, steel plate girder bridge adorned with custom architectural bridge railings and a rustic wood deck.

#3 – Slopeside Engineers

Slopeside Engineers, a structural engineering firm, was founded in Glenwood Springs in 2022 by Bridger Rosen, PE, and Skyler Fussner, PE. The firm’s portfolio includes projects such as the Loveland Ski Lodge and the RFTA GMF Expansion in Glenwood Springs. The Loveland Ski Lodge project involved a substantial 28,700-square-foot expansion to the existing Loveland Valley Ski Lodge, featuring a roof structure made of exposed glulam beams. On the other hand, the RFTA GMF Expansion project entailed an 8,000-square-foot extension to the RFTA maintenance facility, resulting in a two-story steel-framed building with steel moment connections.

#4 – Zancanella and Associates, Inc.

Established in 1993, Zancanella and Associates, Inc. is a well respected civil engineering firm nestled in the heart of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. They focus their expertise on the niche area of water resource engineering consulting. Their specialties encompass a broad spectrum including water rights, surface and groundwater resources, along with strategic planning, development, and operational management of water supplies. 

#5 – JVA Consulting Engineers

  • Website: 
  • Headquarters: Boulder, CO
  • Services: Structural, civil and environmental engineering

Established in Boulder, Colorado in 1973, JVA has since broadened its presence to include Fort Collins, Winter Park, Denver, and Glenwood Springs. The firm offers services in structural, civil, and environmental engineering. Their notable projects include the Huerfano County Judicial Center and the Grand River Health Care Center.

#6 – SGM Inc.

  • Website: 
  • Headquarters: Glenwood Springs, CO
  • Services: Civil and environmental engineering, construction and surveying

SGM, a company founded by Dean Gordon and Louis Meyer in 1986, has its main office based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. In addition to their headquarters, they have established additional branches in other cities including Gunnison, Aspen, Durango, Meeker, Salida, and Grand Junction.

#7 – Glenwood Structural and Civil, Inc.

Since its establishment in 1999, Glenwood Structural and Civil, Inc. has successfully completed a wide range of challenging and rewarding projects. Their portfolio spans from large-scale commercial and industrial developments to new residential constructions and renovations, many of which are high-profile structures. The variety of their work includes not only residential and commercial projects but also specialty and institutional assignments.

#8 – Applegate Group Inc.

Applegate Group, Inc., an employee-owned Water Resources Engineering firm, has been serving Colorado and the Western United States since 1985. While their main office is located in Denver, they also operate from additional offices in Hotchkiss and Glenwood Springs.

Other Glenwood Engineering Firms

Gamba & Associates Inc. and Resource Engineering Inc. are two Glenwood civil engineering firms listed on Google Maps, but they don’t seem to be operational.

The profile for Gamba & Associates Inc. remains unclaimed on Google Maps. They lack a website and their provided contact number appears to be disconnected, with no ringing or voicemail available. It’s suspected that they may have ceased operations. We’ve reported this to Google in the hopes of updating the listing.

Similarly, Resource Engineering Inc.’s profile is unclaimed on Google Maps and they don’t have a website. Their listed phone number leads to a voicemail for a different water resources company. Online searches for their company name only yield results for a different company located in Crested Butte. We’ve also reported these discrepancies to Google to hopefully correct the listing.

Your Guide to Colorado Civil Engineering Firms

We’ve got your complete guide to Civil Engineering Firms in Colorado right here. Whether you’re in Denver or up in the mountains in Aspen, Vail or beyond, we’ve got the listings for your local civil engineers.

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